Thank you to all the participants, attendees and partners whose support made the 2015 Urban Mobility Africa conference a success. See you in 2016!

Sustainable public transport for social and economic development

The scale and pace of urbanization in Africa pose immense challenges and opportunities for the continent. Ensuring economic and social development amid such unprecedented growth requires not only major investment in public transport and infrastructure. The transport systems developed must also be sustainable, accessible and affordable for urban dwellers.

URBAN MOBILITY AFRICA provides a forum for national and state government representatives, planners and potential partners in the private sector to explore the most practical and effective strategies. This conference will examine how rapidly growing cities can make the leap to 21st century urban mobility – bypassing the pitfalls of urban sprawl and car dependency that lead to pollution, gridlock, high accident rates and social exclusion.

Drawing on case studies, best practice from around the world, and innovative solutions, URBAN MOBILITY AFRICA will set out the latest, expert thinking on:

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